Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sad Onion Monster aka "WHY WILL NO ONE DANCE WITH ME"

A few months ago, Nickelodeon offered a sculpture class taught by the amazing Dave Pressler. We built armatures, sculpted our characters in Sculpey, and then made a mold and cast of them.

I decided to sculpt this lovely lady that I made for a Nickelodeon gallery a while back. 

Buuuut...It didn't start out so great....

But that's ok! It got better!

Here is is ready to go in the oven with a handsome gentleman.

Post baking, Laura does her best sad monster impression.

Finished and baked, with arms and hair bow

This is the mold before I poured the silicone!

Clay sculpture next to it's resin clone

Then I started painting her! Painting was my favorite part.

Painted a glossed. But still no one will dance with her!


  1. so awesome!!! I want one! ...I would dance with her!

  2. How can an onion so beautiful be so sad :(